facial capillaries & diffuse redness

area $ $
single treatment pre-pay 5 treatments
chin 40 30
cheeks 70 53
decolletage 99 75
face 99 75
face & neck 129 97
face, neck & decolletage 199 150
lip 30 23
nose 40 30

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<span style=”color: #ffffff;”>Our therapists take pride in providing high quality treatments that deliver results. With over 10 years clinical experience, our senior dermal therapist believes in a personal approach, developing individual treatment plans to help you achieve your aesthetic aspirations.</span>

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<span style=”color: #ffffff;”>Our therapists use state of the art medical grade lasers, safe for use on all areas of the body.</span>

<span style=”color: #ffffff;”>Our treatments are virtually painless, performed with a continuous flow of cool air to maximise your comfort and soothe and protect the skin.</span>

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